TAMCLEAN car interior cleaner spray TC-DL480Y22

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tamclean cleaner spray for cleaning and care interior surfaces of your car made with high quality materials
تولید کننده: تام کلین
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TAMCLEAN car interior cleaner spray TC-DL480Y22 

This product of TAMCLEAN is suitable for car interior cleaning and care. Tamclean interior cleaner spray with special formula prepares a simple situation for cleaning surfaces made from leather, fabric, plastic and vinyl in your car. The important point of this product is that this formula is not harmful without any defects on the surfaces.

Instruction for use: first shake the bottle then turn the nuzzle in spray position. Spray on surface from 30cm. wait 15 sec. then clean with a soft brush and microfiber cloth. Repeat if needed.

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model TC-DL480Y22
color of bottle Yellow
use interior surfaces
formula water based
vol. 480ml
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